The collaboration between a chef, Greg Marchand, and a sommelier, Aurélien Massé began after a five year alliance in the restaurant and wine bar.  Their appreciation for quality and diversity, as well as a similar palate for authenticity lead to the creation of Frenchie Caviste.  

Greg and Aurélien are dedicated to showcasing a selection of wines from the best artisanal winemakers that respect agricultural sustainability.  

Aurelien received his diploma at the sommellerie school in Tain l’Hermitage so we are pleased to offer a vast selection of wines at Frenchie Caviste from the Rhône region.  You may recognize some of our cherished Rhône winemakers, notably Pierre Gonon of Saint-Joseph, Laurent Habrard of Crozes Hermitage or even Matthieu Barret of Cornas.  While Greg and Aurélien are passionate advocates of Rhône wines, they have not forgotten the other regions with Adrien Berlioz of Savoie, Sebastien Mann of Alsace, Pierre Morey of Burgundy and Michel Gendriers of the Loire. 

And because Greg and Aurelien enjoy their glass of wine - let’s be honest, they enjoy many - we have a large selection of magnums and Jeroboams available.

To summarize in a few words Frenchie Caviste, Jacques Puisais said it best, “wine should have the face of its birthplace and the guts of the man who made it”.