Frenchie is a world born of inspiration, a place where Greg would himself go, guided by a spirit of generosity and a passion for good ingredients. Trying new things, sharing and, above all, enjoyment: these are the reasons the Frenchie team do what they do.

On a menu that changes with the seasons, the dishes are rooted in French cuisine, but transformed through inspirations from an international repertoire.

Greg enjoys working with all kinds of ingredients, from the simplest to the noblest, but always strives for authentic, original culinary creations graced with impeccable seasoning and his now-famous touch of acidity. His cuisine is described in turns as generous, inspired or daring, but it is always a source of surprise and delight.

Greg chooses his products with great care – each ingredient is carefully selected and sampled. With his suppliers, he maintains relationships founded on partnership and trust: everyone shares the same passion for quality and authenticity.