Wine Bar Menu

Homemade country style terrine, picalilli - 9€

Homemade Pig "rillettes", vadouvan and Melba toasts - 9€

Burrata, pickled pear, cedrat lemon and datte from Medjoul - 12€

Mont St Michel Cockles, ginger and lime - 10€

White asparagus, morels with savagnin and fried shallots - 12€

Homemade smoked Banka trout, cauliflower  with brown butter and sunflower seed - 14€


Mushroom and ricotta raviolis, mushroom and tea broth - 12€

Potato gnocchis, ramsons pesto et parmesan - 12€

Pappardelles, lamb ragu, Greek feta cheese and Kalamata olives - 15€


Stripbass, beurre blanc, artickok, celeriac and citrus from Mas Bachès - 19€

Kintoa pig backbone, crispy and honey roasted salsify, sweet oignon - 18€

Short Horn beef tenderloin from Tim Wilson (UK), broccoli, radicchio and anchovy - 23€


British Isle Cheese from Neal’s Yard Dairy (1/2/3/4) 10/12/14/16

  • Isle of Mull Cheddar, raw cow’s milk, Somerset, UK
  • Colston Basset Stilton, pasteurized cow’s milk, Nott inghamshire, UK
  • Stawley, raw goat milk, Somerset, UK
  • Durrus, Unpasteurised cow milk, Cork, IR


Grapefruit sherbet and almond crumble - 8€

The Bounty - 10€

Coffee panna cotta,  dulce de leche and almond milk foam - 9€

"Tarte Tatin" and crème fraîche - 9€

Chocolate "pot", caramel butter and passion fruit - 8€


The plates will be delivered as they are prepared,
the order may vary.

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